stranger in paradise
Requirements in her aunt's will plunge naive, small town book store clerk Laura into an exotic setting where she doesn't know the language. She meets her handsome Prince Charming but can't talk to him. The devise a body language charade as friendship turns into love. But an urgent message tears Esteban away from her, sending her home broken hearted and later to Hawaii where she is kidnapped. Esteban must hack his way through a Columbian jungle to a hidden emeral mine before they meet again. Will he survive? Can their love endure? And who sent that summons that could not be ignored?
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Raised by her Aunt Sophie, Laura Carroll lived a sheltered life until her aunt’s death, at which time, Laura is shocked to learn her aunt’s will stipulates that Laura must take an exotic vacation for a minimum of two weeks  After much debate, Laura decides to go to Isle Verde, a tiny island off Puerto Rico. There, she meets Esteban, a man she is attracted to who does not speak English. The two manage to overcome this barrier using hand signals and speaking the few foreign words they know. In a short time, they realize they are in love but Esteban receives a mysterious message and signals to Laura he must go but will return. When Laura’s stay is up, she has not heard from him and returns home, determined to get over her love for Esteban. Circumstances take her to Hawaii, where she meets a man she recognizes from Isle Verde and finds her life in danger due to her relationship with Esteban.

Jackie Griffey delivers a sweet romance touched with a bit of mystery and topped off with thrilling adventure. The chemistry between Laura and Esteban is nicely portrayed, and the reader will root for the two lovers to find a way to be together. The story moves along at a nice pace, allowing the reader to experience the exotic locale and fall in love with the very likeable characters.

Christy Tillery French, Midwest