Who is killing the rich society widows of Beverly Hills?

Meet Kerry and Terry McAfee—identical twin sisters who have nothing in common, save their red hair and California-girl looks. Kerry’s the good girl, a straight-A student who won a scholarship to UCLA. Terry’s the bad girl, whose appetite for nose candy won her a spot in the slammer. When Terry gets out of jail, the twins decide to open their own business as private investigators—and soon they’re keeping LA safe with the help of their trusty sidekicks: a Pomeranian named Paquito and a pug named Muffy.

When wealthy socialite Lenore Richling’s twenty-something gold-digging boy toy of a husband absconds with ten thousand dollars' worth of her jewelry, she does what anyone in her position would do: she checks herself in for a plastic surgery shopping spree, then calls the McAfee twins for help. While Lenore recuperates from her face-lift in a luxury hotel, the gals hop on their hot-pink Harley-Davidson and begin investigating a bevy of suspicious characters, including Barbie, a bimbo beauty consultant with buns of steel; Daniel Hattrick, a painkiller-pushing plastic surgeon; and Hugh Binion, a silver-haired, snake-tongued Hollywood attorney. Before they know it, the twins are wading in dead husbands, purloined cash, crotchless panties, mystery pills, and a body count high enough to make even tough cookies like them a little squeamish.

With a razor-sharp wit that brilliantly brings to life LA’s most eccentric personalities, The Butcher of Beverly Hills marks the debut of two of the hottest sleuths since Stephanie Plum—and delivers a fast-paced, highly original tale that will keep you guessing until the very end.
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Smart, smart, sexy, sexy, straight and…extremely funny.

Harley Jane Kozak, award-winning author of Dating is Murder

The Butcher of Beverly Hills sparkles like a Beverly Hills diamond, and is fast and flirty as a pink Harley-Davidson. Colt has a winner with this series of zippy, screwball, and ultra-hip mysteries.

Julie Kenner, bestselling author of The Givenchy Code

Even the sex scenes are a hoot.

Crimespree Magazine

Jennifer Colt impales readers upon her rapier-sharp wit, and then proceeds to make them laugh till they cry.