Identical right down to the last freckle, twentysomething redheads Kerry and Terry McAfee are perhaps L.A.'s most unusual P.I.s. But one mystery they just can't solve is how twin sisters could be so different. Kerry is level-headed, whereas Terry is a slave to her impulses. Kerry was a boy-crazy, high-school overachiever, while Terry majored in drugs, delinquency, and chasing girls. Add a hot-pink Harley-Davidson, a couple of cute pooches, and Jennifer Colt’s flair for comedy, and you can see why this high-concept mystery series is already a hit with readers.

In The Mangler of Malibu Canyon, the girls are back for their second case. As their rich aunt Reba moves into her new Malibu beach house, she unrolls a rug and finds a surprise: a decapitated body. Kerry insists that they call the police--partly because she hopes to catch a glimpse of her former flame, the sexy Detective John Boatwright. But no sooner do the cops begin investigating than Reba and the girls are shocked by the arrival of their cousin Robert—carrying a human head in a mesh bag, with no memory of where he's been.

Now it's up to the twins to find the real killer, as Reba and Robert face the prospect of life behind bars. As the twins search for clues, they find themselves dealing with terrorists, mobsters, Raelian-like cultists, has-been actresses, and even visitors from outer space. With a razor-sharp wit that brilliantly spoofs California's most eccentric personalities, Mangler is fast-paced, sexy, hilariously original, and more fun than a ride down the Pacific Coast Highway.<
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Double the fun! Twin sisters Kerry and Terry McAfee are PIs in Los Angeles.  You can’t miss them with their bright red hair and hot-pink Harley. They are a hoot!

Their rich aunt Reba finds a decapitated body in her new Malibu beach house. Detective John Boatright, the hunky detective Kerry is interested in, arrives to investigate. Then in walks their cousin Robert with a blonde-haired head in a mesh bag. He has no idea where he’s been. Soon both Robert and Reba are confessing to the murder and end up in jail.

Terry and Kerry know they have to find the murderer to clear their cousin and aunt. In the process, they end up involved with Malibu movie producers, actors, cultists, and visitors from outer space. Can they sort through all the possible suspects and find the killer without putting themselves in danger and before Robert and Reba are convicted?

This series is fabulous. I just discovered it and can’t wait to read the next book, The Vampire Of Venice Beach. There’s also the first in the series, The Butcher Of Beverly Hills. I hope these girls will be around a long time. The writer has such great wit. I ended up laughing out loud many times from their antics. Kerry and Terry are quite different and that’s what makes this work so well.

I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle

A wild, entertaining romp anchored by its two very different but equally likable heroines.


From hilarious fight scenes to gripping action sequences, The Mangler of Malibu Canyon is Scooby-doo meets Nancy Drew, starring the Olsen twins on steroids. The McAfee twins truly kick ass. And Colt's phenomenal: funny and smart.

I now know that when I am all caught up on Janet Evanovich, I am no longer lost. I have Jennifer Colt and her whacked out twins, Terry and Kerry McAfee, to carry me through. They are every bit as hilarious and twice as much fun.