A fanged foe is threatening Venice Beach. Can the McAfee twins stop him before he drains the city dry?

Crime-fighting sisters Kerry and Terry McAfee are used to nabbing killers while wearing high heels. But when their pal Darby Applewhite—a.k.a. Ephemera, Queen of the Undead—hires them to work crowd control at the annual Venice Goth Parade, they find themselves sporting black jumpsuits and white makeup instead. Ephemera plans to promote the opening of the highly anticipated Dark Arts Galley by popping out of a coffin just as the guests are brought inside. But when the coffin lid rises, she pitches forward onto the street and Kerry and Terry are shocked to discover that the Queen of the Undead is in fact dead after all!

Suddenly the parade of harmless misfits is transformed into a stream of potential suspects, and it’s up to the twins to find their friend’s killer. Soon they’re plunged into a nefarious world that includes dentists specializing in prosthetic fangs and a goth cult led by a thug with a forked tongue. Will threats scrawled on their Harley in blood and amorous advances from sexy Detective John Boatwright derail the twins from getting their ghoul? Not bloody likely.
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Twins Kerry and Terry McAfee are at it again! This time they're working for their friend Darby Applewhie, aka Ephemera, Queen of the Undead, to work crowd control at the Venice Goth Parade. But when Ephemera falls out of the coffin dead instead of popping out very much alive, they set out to determine what happened and how she ended up dead.

They find themselves in a dark world with a goth cult led by a thug with a forked tongue and a dentist whose specialty is prosthetic fangs. Will threats scrawled in blood on their Harley stop them? Detective John Boatwright provides his own diversion with his amorous advances.

Can they untangle the myriad of suspects to discover the killer's identity without putting themselves in further danger?

I love these twins. The situations they find themselves in are so entertaining. Plus their many antics make me laugh out loud. I always have trouble putting down a book in this series. I was worried since this one dealt with vampires whether I would like it. The author has done a great job of bringing us into the dark world without making this cozy dark. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next book in the series. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle