Throw in a hyperactive eight-year-old, pepper spray, a really smart dog, rare coins, a recipe for bread pudding and two best friends and you have Pennywise. Pennywise is a humorous story about friendship, family and love. At the heart of the story is the mystery of finding Maggie’s Swifts missing husband, who may or may not be having an affair. Maggie is determined to find him with her best friend, Odessa. Odessa is determined to help her despite the fact that everyone thinks she’s lost her mind.

Maggie and Odessa are best friends from high school, as opposite as night and day, literary. Odessa refers to Maggie as an oversized redheaded Tinkerbelle, with the ability to talk almost anybody into anything, especially Odessa. Odessa’s dream was to be a richer and thinner Oprah. The dream died when she lost her job, her boyfriend and a little bit of her sanity. In searching for Roger, there is a lot of self-discovery. Maggie finds out she is more than a wife and mother. Odessa finds that she isn’t all that crazy and love can come from most unexpected places.