RELUctant runaway
Stolen Indian artifacts...
A murdered museum guard...
A missing wife and mom...
A baby in mortal danger...

Museum security expert Desiree Jacobs and FBI agent Tony Lucano scramble to unearth the horrifying secret that links every incident. The investigation thrusts them into the path of something dark and sinister.

Something that craves blood sacrifice.

From the high society of the U.S. capital to the streets of Desi's beloved Boston to the mountain desert of New Mexico, Desi and Tony must thwart forces of darkness--relying on God's guidance and strength--to save a young woman and her baby from a villain more desperate than they can imagine.
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With fully developed characters and enough plot twists to satisfy the most ardent mystery reader, Jill Elizabeth Nelson’s Reluctant Runaway is a great read. A word of caution: start it when you have time to read for a while, because you will certainly have a hard time putting it down.

Helen Jones,

Take a captivating mystery rife with a number of intriguing elements, including a missing young woman, a strange religious cult and an even weirder millionaire businessman, add a spunky, slightly zany heroine and RELUCTANT RUNAWAY is a sparkling whodunit.

The several mysteries swirling around in RELUCTANT RUNAWAY are guaranteed to not only keep readers glued to their seats, but also keep them guessing until the end. Fast-paced and smoothly executed, RELUCTANT RUNAWAY pulses with a restless energy mirrored in its one-of-a-kind heroine.

Desiree Jacobs is a terrific lead character, a magnet for danger and a constant challenge to her hunky FBI boyfriend, Tony Lucano. The rush-into-danger Desiree and the more thoughtful Tony balance each other perfectly. This finely sketched pair add an extra dimension to an already entertaining package. Ms. Nelson did
not skimp on secondary characters either. RELUCTANT RUNAWAY is packed full of colorful, intriguing minor characters.

The second installment of Ms. Nelson's To Catch A Thief series is a great stand alone. Ms. Nelson skillfully brings readers up-to-date on storylines from RELUCTANT BURGLAR (book one) without bogging down this story.

Debbie Jett, Romance Reader at Heart

A riveting story that will leave the reader guessing. It starts as a wild goose chase and ends with the pieces falling together in perfect order. The trust and the faith the characters show in each other and in God is truly encouraging. Ms. Nelson has been able to blend the Christian faith with crime solving in a unique way that left me feeling wonderful. The characters are strong willed in all they do and Ms. Nelson brings their every action bounding to life from the pages. Readers all over should walk away from this book with a smile on their face and a song in their hearts. An enlightening book if there every was one, and a story well told.

Liadan, Coffee Time Romance