ancient laws
Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry tracks a killer to Paris, expecting a dangerous but straightforward hunt. What he doesn’t foresee is that he and a strikingly beautiful French detective would be pulled into a deadly game—a game that would stretch from Paris to Cairo to the Valley of the Kings; a game rooted in ancient tombs, archeological murders and lost treasures; a game that started thousands of years ago but is not over yet.
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In this latest crime solving adventure, Bryson Coventry a Denver homicide detective finds himself in Paris hunting a killer he has been after for a long time. The killer had killed a young woman, gouged out her eyes and then placed then back in her head facing her brain. There had been a witness and now she was dead, in Paris, with her eyes gouged out and replaced facing her brain. Bryson rushes to Paris where his secret witness had moved in her own witness protection program. But where is her roommate? Did the killer take her as some sort of hostage or game? Bryson meets with his French counterpart, a very beautiful and sexy Detective, Fallon Le Rue. Fallon is willing to help Bryson in anyway, but she has her own agenda and is seeking a cold case, that of the murder of call girl who had been smothered with a plastic bag.

Back in the States, Jade Lafayette a young woman who works in a law firm receives news that her uncle Remy, an archeologist has been murdered, supposedly in a home invasion. Then her home is ransacked. That’s when she meets Alexandra who whisks her away to save her life. Who is Alexandra and what does she want? Who killed Remy and why?

Bryson updates an old sketch of the killer and Fallon as bait. Will they catch the killer? Did Fallon make a mistake putting herself out as bait? What secret is Fallon hiding? And what does Jade have to do with Bryson’s case?

Bryson travels the world in an attempt to catch a killer. To find out if he is successful, and the answer to these questions you’ll have to read ANCIENT LAWS.

Jim Michael Hansen has created a fascinating series for his lawman Bryson who pushes the envelope at times, follows his own rules, yet cares about the people he deals with. Bryson is the kind of guy that if you met him at first you’d be put off but then you adore him. His flaws grow on you till they become lovable character traits and you realize as flawed as he is, he has the best interest of others at heart, Mr. Hansen’s other cast of characters are colorful and not easily forgotten. His descriptions are vivid; their behaviors are distinct and purposeful.

Mr. Hansen’s writing is so strong and vibrant you feel as if you are right there with his characters. For example, as you read you can feel the ever so slight sway of the houseboat. You can hiss of a snake.

Once again, Mr. Hansen has written an excellent book!

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 5.

Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D.