fatal laws
When several women are found buried in shallow graves near one another, each murdered in a brutally different way, Denver homicide detective Bryson Coventry finds himself pulled into the edgy world of Tianca Holland--a woman involved enough to be the next victim, and beautiful enough to be more than just a distraction.
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Bryson Coventry is a cop who is slightly irreverent and pushes the button. Investigating a murder, he meets Tianca Holland, a beautiful bi-sexual ex-lover of the victim. Tianca comes on strong to Bryson, answering the door in just a flimsy silk shirt. She comes on to Bryson who is having difficulty not having sex with her.

Across town, newly sworn in attorney, Haley is getting ready for her new job.   When she arrives, she seeks out Renee Rand, who had been her mentor when she had clerked for the law firm years earlier. But Renee wasn't seated at her desk, a young Asian lady was. And that's where she learned that her mentor had been missing now about five months.

Christina now sits at Renee's desk.

Jack Degan began scouting his next prey, Mia, a tattoo artist in Pueblo.

Haley’s new law firm consists of approximately 123 attorneys and at least one other city. Austin Gray is the big man, the senior partner and to Haley’s surprise, he invites her to lunch. She asks him about Renee, but he tells her it is in the hands of the police. This just isn't good enough for Haley, and she proceeds to investigate on her own.

In the meantime, another body is found, close to the first body. This gets Haley thinking about body dumps, so she goes to the site, in a rain storm, to discover indeed a third body. Well, not exactly a body, but the head of her mentor and friend Renee. Haley makes an anonymous phone call to the police.

In the meantime, Degan gets in a bar fight with a biker, falls in love with a hooker, and captures his prey, Mia. Degan is taking orders from someone, who tells him who to take and then to clean up the mess.

FATAL LAWS is a book with multiple main characters whose lives intersect in deceit, sexual manipulations, and murder. Why was Renee murdered? Who murdered Renee? Who murdered the others? Who is the “Big Boss”? You'll have to read FATAL LAWS for the answers, but what I will tell you is that, FATAL LAWS is a fast, easy read through a maze of characters that connect in odd and interesting ways. At first, I thought there might be too many main characters, but no, not at all. Jim Michael Hansen has written in a way that it is clear which character is working, what is going on, and how it all fits with the rest of the package. Very well done. Very enjoyable. It is a graphic thriller and not a cozy. I read it in one sitting, enjoying it immensely; however, I was a tad bit disappointed in the ending. Just my preference. All in all, an excellent read.

Cynthia Lea Clark, Psy.D.