baring arms
When Texas Congresswoman Carly Wagner's 12-year-old daughter discovers a murdered neighbor, Carly has to find the murderer to clear her daughter of suspicion.  But when Carly's one-time bodyguard, Mr. Jones, appears and warns her away, she has to ignore his pleas. Too bad he can't stay out of her way...and she can't ignore his charms.
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Texas Representative Carly Wagner's twelve-year-old daughter, Jordan, finds their neighbor Judge Goodwin Deeds dead in his home.  Carly wonders how grounded Jordan escaped the house to go to the neighbor's.  She'd been caught with other teens in the raid of a computer gaming party and escorted home by "Jones." 

A dead judge isn't so amazing, especially since he had enemies all across the state.  But the fact that his den looked as if a bomb had gone off and his computer had been destroyed make Carly question what had gone on.  And why was a computer chip removed from being embedded in his hand.

Over the course of things, Jordan admits to Carly she is covering for her friend Sherry Bunting, the daughter of a Kentucky senator, as well as the judge's two children in the war with their stepmother. 

Things heat up with Jones as Carly tries to discover the truth.  Can Jones keep her safe while she does this?  Will she let him?

Having lived in the DC area, I always enjoy reading books set there.  We also get a glimpse of politics in Washington.  I like Carly as she is a non-nonsense woman.  This is the second book in this series, and still Jones is quite a mystery.  I hope some more information will be gleaned about him and who he works for in the next book.  But the tension between Carly and Jones keeps thins interesting.

I recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle