Wiki Coffin, has hardly had a chance to catch his breath, when the highly strung leader of the U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838, Captain Wilkes, sends him on his next exciting adventure!

Wiki and Captain George Rochester, are assigned to sail to SHARK ISLAND to investigate reports of a pirate hide-out on Shark Island, off the northeast coast of Brazil, which overlooks the route that the expedition will take to Rio de Janiero.

Captain Wilkes, known for reassigning his crew from ship to ship and from post to post every time the wind changes direction, has created a tense situation by teaming the heroic duo with their colleague and nemesis, Lieutenant Forsythe. Soon after their arrival on the island, intrigue turns into alarm when the enigmatic captain of the doomed sealer is found murdered, a knife buried deep in his back. The volatile and violent Forsythe is suspected of the crime. But, although there is no love lost between Wiki and the Lieutenant, our hero believes he is not guilty of this particular crime. Wiki is once again in the position of using his intelligence, wisdom and wit to prove Forsythe’s innocence and to discover and reveal the identity of the true killer!

As if all of this not exciting enough, a scandalous part of Wiki’s past catches up with him. What could it be?

Joan Druett’s mysterious mind weaves yet another dark tale of intrigue and surprise on the high seas. SHARK ISLAND is full of nail-biting excitement from beginning to end. It will leave readers hungry for the next installment in the Wiki Coffin mystery series!
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What a terrific idea New Zealand naval historian Joan Druett had for a mystery series.

Chicago Tribune

Joan Druett's well-crafted and thoroughly surprising mystery is filled with fascinating snippets of 19th century historical and anthropoligical facts, and Wiki Coffin is a fascinating protagonist certain to beguile and entertain readers.  Strong plotting and lots of cross-cultural and nautical details make Shark Island an impressive, fun-to-read sequel to Wiki Coffin's debut in A Watery Grave.  Let us hope that Druett will continue this exciting mystery series and offer us more Coffin adventures in the future.

Tim Davis, New Mystery Reader, October 2006

Joan Druett, a maritime historian, writes in an easy-to-read manner and used her extensive knowledge of nautical history to write this exciting mystery that moves along at a cracking pace ... The plot kept me engrossed trying to figure out who did the deed, with lots of twists and turns before arriving at a very satisfactory resolution.

Sally Roddom, Murder and Mayhem, September 2007