merryll manning:  trapped on mystery island
The first of a series of mystery thrillers, featuring Police Sergeant Merryll Manning of the Paradise Police Department. (Paradise is the author's fictional capital city of Florida, and is not based on Miami). The action takes place on an otherwise deserted island in the Florida Keys, where a number of guests assemble in an old Dominican Priory for a "mystery weekend."
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John Howard Reid has created excellence in "Mystery Island". "Mystery Island" is the first in a very highly acclaimed series of mystery novels that came to fruition in 1985. Merryll Manning is the classic hero in this suspense series and John Howard Reid is dead-on with this perfect character. You have the police sergeant working in the perfect setting of Miami, Florida. A hub for shady characters, various criminal activities and bikini-clad hotties Miami gives Merryll many headache-filled evenings. His petite super-cutie assistant, Susan Alexis Devoro Ford, is half his age and full of spunk. Wrapped around her pinkie-finger Merry really toes-the-line when it comes to his assistant.
I always struggle when writing about fiction works. I really don't want to spoil anything for the future reader, as I have had books ruined with just one phrase from others who have read the book. Let me just say, you must read this book. I can't wait to get the next installment; "Merryll Manning: The Health Farm Murders." I love it when you close a good book and know there is more to follow. John Howard Reid is sure to have a great many followers eager to read each book in this wonderful series. From the eerie-cover to the final paragraph I was hooked on "Merryll Manning: Trapped on Mystery Island."

Danelle Drake, Reader Views