madeline mann
Reporter Madeline Mann is a woman who follows her vibes, even though her family doesn't give those vibes the respect that they deserve.  When Madeline's friend Logan Lanford disappears, she follows her instincts into a web of murder and corruption, and her "Madman" tendencies make her family fear she won't survive the experience.
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Madeline Mann is an absolute delight. Oh, that all murder mysteries could be so much fun to solve. I love Buckley’s flawless style; her small town American settings are perfect, and her characters are so real it wouldn’t surprise me to discover one of the brothers rummaging in my refrigerator. Julia Buckley has a winner here—charming, intelligent, and exciting. More “Madman,” please—and soon!

Robert Fate, Baby Shark

Julia Buckley’s character Madeline Mann is witty, brave, smart as a whip, and just plain downright cool.May this book be the start of a long-lived series, and may Buckley write the next installments fast, because having to wait for more Madeline is already making me very, very cranky!

Cornelia Read, Edgar-nominated author of Field of Darkness

Welcome to Webley, Illinois, the background to this refreshing new mystery series. Madeline Mann could do anything and I would still want to read about her. She’s warm, engaging, and fun—and the same goes for Julia Buckley’s writing.

Hope McIntyre, author of How to Marry a Ghost

Fans of the traditional cozy will love Madeline Mann. Julia Buckley weaves an entertaining story rich with detail and frequent nods to past masters of the genre. “Madman” tangles with love, murder, and a nagging family who are not quite ready to let her out of the nest. This character is a keeper!

Jess Lourey, author of June Bug