Spunky young grandma Cealie Gunther wants to avoid her hunky ex-lover Gil Thurman so she can rediscover herself. But he opens Cajun restaurants in all the places she travels, and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men. Cealie also wants to stay away from relatives so she won't become dependent on them. But a cousin who antagonized her in childhood pleads for Cealie to come to Gatlinburg, TN, needing Cealie's help or she will face dire consequences. Gil Thurman couldn't be opening another of his Cajun Delights restaurants there—could he? Torn between flying off for her planned exotic vacation or landing in the hills of Tennessee, Cealie knows where she must go. She can't believe what she finds once she arrives and fears someone she knows may be implicated and she'll need to prevent more attacks.
Murder and mayhem blend with quirky characters in this full-filled romp.
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Cealie Gunther gets a frantic call from her cousin Stevie Midnight. Her semi-psychic cousin had said she was afraid but wouldn't say why. So, on the way to Cealie's exotic vacation, she rushes off to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

When she arrives, she trips over a dead body in Stevie's yard. Stevie swears she doesn't know the man. Cealie isn't sure she fully believes her.

Stevie is in a group to quit smoking. Cealie endures her cousin's upsetting behavior because of this. Plus Stevie goes into her extra bedroom, locking the door, and soon strange utterances emanate.

To make matters more confusing, Gil Thurman, Cealie's hunky sometimes-ex-lover, has just opened a Cajun Delights restaurant in town. When Cealie and Stevie go there to eat, they find Gil at the restaurant. Though Cealie is widowed and attracted to Gil, she is on a journey to rediscover herself. Try as she might, she finds it almost impossible to resist Gil.

Since Cealie can't leave until the murderer is found, she begins asking around about him. There are more strange people who knew the deceased, and odd happenings. Can she plow through them to find the truth?

I enjoy Cealie. She's a fun character who is trying to find herself. Her attempts at resisting Gil are funny. I can't say I liked Stevie as much, but their interactions were entertaining. I liked the Gatlinburg location.

Cealie makes me laugh out loud! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle