Nominated for a David Award for Best Mystery Novel of 2006
Relative Danger
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Cealie Gunther avoids things that bind--like control-top pantyhose and hunky ex-lover Gil Thurman. The businesswoman arrives in Chicago to attend her granddaughter's graduation, little knowing that she'll need to solve a murder before she or her grandchild can reach graduation alive.  Three generations need each other.
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Caelie Gunther arrives in town a few days before her granddaughter Kat’s graduation only to find out Kat may not graduate at all. Caelie made a deathbed promise to Kat’s mother that she would see Kat graduate, so she is determined to make Kat graduate.

Kat explains that a school janitor was killed. Her favorite teacher is no longer speaking to her so she has no interest in going to school. Caelie signs up to be a substitute teacher at the high school to get Kat back in classes.

In the school Caelie encounters some rude students and there are some mysterious incidents as well as more violence. Can she find the killer in time for Kat to complete her final exams and graduate? Will the fact that her ex-lover Gil Thurman is in town at his new restaurant sidetrack her plans?

I enjoyed Caelie. She is a great senior sleuth. She is a lot of fun and cares about her family but doesn’t want to be tied down to them or them to her. Apparently she moves around a lot. She doesn’t want to get tied down in a relationship either. This makes her a very interesting character and also very three-dimensional in my eyes.

The sparks always fly when she’s with Gil. There is a lot of mystery as to what might develop between them. I hope that eventually something does.

I like the way Caelie interacts with her granddaughter and son as well.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Cealie is a delightful protagonist. Readers will enjoy this fine academic mystery starring a protagonist who out of love tries to uncover the identity of a killer. And Cealie and Gil, owner of Cajun Delights, share a romance hotter than his Cajun restaurants' hot sauce.

Reviewer Harriet Klausner

Other reviews said this: "Way fun! I want to be Cealie."
"Shaw does a good job of showing that grandmas can be sexy too."
"Relative Danger has it all--heart, humor and suspense."
"Relative Danger gives the reader absolute delight."