Abby has her hands full at cousin Jillian's wedding, doing triple duty as florist, bridesmaid, and grandma-sitter – all while wearing a horrendous floral print that makes her look like a clown. But the real trouble starts when the groom's ninety-year-old grandma disappears from the reception. While hunting for her, Abby discovers the body of wedding crasher Jack Snyder behind the minister's platform. And when Abby's assistant Grace's new boyfriend becomes a suspect, Abby decides she must find out who killed Jack in the pulpit.
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Abby Knight is a bridesmaid in her cousin Jillian's wedding. Will Jillian really marry Claymore Osborne? She's been engaged many times but hasn't made it to the altar yet. When the groomsman Abby is to walk down the aisle with ends up injured and can't make the wedding, she gets Marco Salvare, her hunky boyfriend and owner of Down The Hatch Bar & Grill.

Plus Abby is put on grandma duty to watch Claymore's 90-year-old grandma. When Abby loses the grandma at the wedding, she sets out frantically to find her. Unfortunately when she finds her, she's standing outside the gazebo where the dead body of Jack Snyder lays. He recently got out of jail. There are many suspects. Jack had gotten Jillian's cousin Melanie pregnant and dumped her. He and Melanie's dad Josiah went at it right before the wedding, too.

But the police seem to put their sights on Richard Davis for the murder. Grace, an employee of Abby's, is dating Richard and asks for Abby's help. Can she find the real killer?

This is one of my favorite series. The sexual tension between Abby and Marco is fabulous. Just enough information without going overboard to know it's there. Abby is such a wonderful sleuth, too. She can get herself into some terrible situations, but I don't find myself yelling at her or throwing the book like in some series. I usually read the books in this series in 2-3 days because they are so much fun and such an easy cozy series to read. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle