Why did I, Abby Knight, agree to attend a convention of funeral directors? I was desperate to drum up more business for my flower shop, Bloomers. What I got instead was murder . . .

Who knew death could be so much fun?

Abby is amused by the black humor of the usually somber "death professionals" who are attending the Midwestern Funeral Directors Association's regional convention. Even organizer Sybil Blount—known for her cutthroat business practices and the signature rose she wears in her wig—comes as a surprise . . . especially when her corpse is found in a closed casket. When Abby's friend Delilah Dove is accused of the crime, Abby shifts into full investigation mode and learns that Sybil's enemies included the prankster sons of a big-time funeral director, an eco-friendly purveyor of "green burials," and a strange Goth girl who captures the "music" of departing souls on her tape recorder. It's up to Abby and her P.I. boyfriend, Marco, to look beyond the trappings of death and find out who really loved Sybil—and who loved her not.
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Abby Knight, owner of Bloomers flower shop, has agreed to attend the Midwestern Funeral Directors Convention to try to drum up more business. She shares a booth with her friends Delilah and Max Dove. Considering there is a casket race and a coffin decoration contest, Abby soon finds out it isn't as dull as she expected.

Delilah becomes the prime suspect in Sybil Blount's murder because Delilah had arrived to the banquet late because she was repairing their decorated coffin for the contest and Sybil was found murdered in a decorated coffin. Plus earlier Delilah had had a run-in with Sybil over the size of their booth.

Sybil was the organizer of the convention. Abby believes the urbane twins Ross & Jess may be responsible for Sybil's death due to some of the pranks they'd pulled on Abby. Could Sybil have been blackmailing someone? How did she get Chet Sunday, the handsome cable TV star, to appear at the convention?

Abby and her boyfriend Marco, an ex-cop and owner of Down the Hatch Bar and Grill, set out to clear Delilah and find the real killer.

What a great setting for a mystery! I enjoyed the various suspects, of which there were many. Abby and Marco are fabulous together. I like it when they work together, as much as Abby will work with anyone.

This series is a fabulous cozy mystery series, and I highly recommend it and this book!

Dawn Dowdle