shoots to kill
Last I heard, being a five-foot-two, green-eyed redhead wasn't a crime. But that's precisely why I, Abby Knight, was yanked out of my car by a state trooper, handcuffed, and thrown in jail.
This isn't your average case of mistaken identity.
Eight years ago Abby babysat Elizabeth Blume, a teen who seemed intent on making Abby's life miserable. Elizabeth imitated Abby's dress, pored over her diary, and sabotaged her love life. Now Elizabeth is back in New Chapel, and she soon adopts a new look: Abby's. But when Libby comes between Abby and her hunky boyfriend Marco, imitation becomes the sincerest form of trouble, and that's before Abby is accused of murder. Is Abby's devious double the real killer? Or is there a more sinister suspect in town who's using them both to cover his evil crime?
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Elizabeth Blume has returned to town. When she was eleven, Abby Knight babysat her. Now Elizabeth is imitating everything in Abby's life and no one else seems to see it. She's changed her name to Libby, buys a similar car, and opens a shop that looks identical. She's even put a wedge between Abby and Marco.

Abby is accused of murder. Then Libby is accused of murder. Could Libby been imitating Abby just to cover up the murder. Or is someone else framing both of them? Abby sets out to figure things out before she ends up in jail for a murder she didn't commit.

I love this series. Abby is such a fun character. The sparks always fly when she and Marco are together. The two women who help Abby in the flower shop are fabulous, too. Abby's mom is irritating, but then she's supposed to be.

I always devour these books in a couple of days. I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle