Sometimes a girl's got to face down her dragons. . .

Abby Knight, our feisty, fearless florist/law school flunk-out--is back in her fourth wild and witty mystery, This time she's battling a dragon – the human variety--in the form of her former law professor Z. Archibald Puffer, better known as The Dragon.

Bad luck comes in threes--and two have already happened. But that doesn't stop Abby from taking a stand against a bully. So, ignoring the advice of hunk-a-licious ex-cop Marco Salvare, Abby decides to face down The Dragon--only to discover a dead professor, a pet theft ring, and herself the prime suspect in a murder.

You won't want to miss this fourth installment of the popular FLOWER SHOP MYSTERIES.
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Abby Knight, owner of Bloomers flower shop, receives an order for one perfect black funeral rose to be delivered to her most hated professor from her law school years, "Snapdragon" Puffer. She decides to face her fears and deliver the flower herself.

After she almost runs him over with her car, she tries to sneak in to deliver the flower and is caught riffling his desk. Puffer is known for breaking pencils and throwing them at students. She was imitating him when he catches her. She flees.

Then she runs into Professor Carson Reed. She had been arrested for protesting in front of Dermacol Labs that performs test on animals. He's involved with the lab. He taunts her, and she yells harsh words back before leaving.

She decided to return to Puffer's office to retrieve the flower he threw in the trash. What she finds is Professor Reed dead in Puffer's chair, killed with a pencil wound. Her fingerprints were all over the murder weapon.

The town decides she's guilty and begins boycotting her shop, and the press is after her. She tries to sneak around unseen to figure out who killed the professor. In the meantime, there is a pet stealing ring operating in town, and she gets involved in that investigation as well.

Abby Knight is awesome. I really like reading these books. I just hate that I like them so much I read them too fast and have to wait a whole year for another one to publish! I love the flower shop setting. Plus the sexual tension between Abby and Marco keeps things hot!

This is a fabulous cozy mystery series and I highly recommend it and this book.

Dawn Dowdle