L. F. Crawford

Author of Murry/Kidman paranormal mysteries, and the Blaize McCue "food addiction" mysteries

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L. F. Crawford
L.F. Crawford writes about Beverly Hills and Sacramento in her two series because those are two places she's been. She has a Master's degree in Psychology from California State University, Sacramento, and when she's not writing, she works as a behavioral educator at The Obesity Treatment Center.

She enjoys writing the Murry/Kidman series set in Beverly Hills because "it seemed the perfect place for a mystery with a dash of the paranormal." She also loves humor in her stories, so you'll find it in all her mysteries, but especially between Art Murry and Billy Kidman, the two detectives who are a generation apart in age and attitude. "They remind me of my brothers," she says, "who often shot one-liners across the diner table when we were growing

Crawford's Blaize McCue series set in Sacramento reflects more or her own interests and education. "Although Blaize often deals with serious addiction issues, she also has a sense of humor that comes through her POV."

Crawford's books have been on her publishers' bestseller lists repeatedly and she invites you to check them out. She's a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and other organizations.

Mysteries by Author:

  • Murry/Kidman series:
  • Beverly Hills Voodoo
  • Fortune Cookie Karma
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Blaize McCue series:
  • Blaize Of Glory
  • Hat Trick
  • 12 Jagged Steps
  • Blaize Of Trouble

For lots more information, please visit L. F. Crawford at www.lfcrawford.com.