In this ninth book in the Gail McCarthy series about the Santa Cruz vet, Gail is pregnant and taking a leave of absence from her work as a horse vet. Despite her intention to rest and prepare for her baby, she is drawn into the odd situation surrounding her cousin Jenny, who claims she is being stalked. Jenny hints at nefarious dealings in her past as a racehorse trainer, and accidents seem to happen with astonishing frequency at her thoroughbred farm. As Jenny’s only relative and friend, Gail wants to support her cousin, but can’t sort out truth from fiction as she tries to discover who the stalker (and eventual killer) might be: Jenny’s ex-husband, her former lover, his wife, or an unscrupulous player on the racetrack scene? As the accidents become more serious, Gail’s concern becomes desperate and personal, leading her to a dark confrontation where she must use all her wits to survive. With much accurate detail about horses, this is a winning combination of a truly gripping story and a big life change for the popular protagonist.
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Gail McCarthy is veterinarian currently on maternity leave. Things seem well until her horse Danny acts odd. Being seven months pregnant she knows she cannot handle him so she calls in her old office to assist. Together, they try to diagnose him.

In the meantime, Gail's cousin Jenny has moved out to the Santa Cruz area to sire horses. But Jenny is in trouble and calls on her cousin for help. It seems that Jenny has a stalker. Gail knows that Jenny isn't telling her the entire story. Slowly Jenny tells Gail about the affair she left behind and some sort of nefarious activity that her husband and his partner were in on at the race track.

One of Jenny's horses is blind, Moonblind. Jenny says that a partner of her husband's developed a way to give horses Moonblindness. This is shocking to Gail, but after thinking about it she realizes that it could be possible but despicable.

Danny worsens before Gail can put together Jenny's pieces and then more disaster strikes.

MOONBLIND is a short, easy read. I liked it but personally I was disappointed in Gail's husband. What husband of a seven month pregnant lady, let's her go running around alone investigating or meeting people? That bothered me. I felt he should have accompanied her when Jenny called her (on more than one occasion) or when she went snooping. But that's my opinion. Other than that, I enjoyed the book and despite the husband I would recommend it!

Cynthia Lea Clark

Santa Cruz horse veterinarian Gail McCarthy, seven months pregnant at the start of Crum's diverting ninth equestrian mystery (after 2004's Forged), doesn't let imminent motherhood slow her down. When Gail's racehorse-trainer cousin, Jenny, calls for help after finding her dog, Boomer, dead from poison, Gail gets on the case. Jenny, who believes someone is stalking her, has ended her long affair with fellow trainer Don Chase, but Don's wife is angry and Jenny's ex-husband, Charley Parker, is also unhappy. Gail later picks up on clues that both men were involved in fixed thoroughbred races and had shady dealings with bookies. Indeed, the dog turns out to be only the first murder victim in this credible look at the high-stakes world of horse breeding and training.

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So far, the most pleasant surprise of the summer has been the arrival of..."Moonblind", the latest mystery by Laura Crum about veterinarian sleuth Dr Gail McCarthy. If you haven't discovered Laura Crum yet, please jump at any chance to catch up on the series....because the McCarthy books are among my very favorite contemporary mysteries and Laura Crum is, for my money, the successor to retired mystery giant Dick Francis.

Crum's mysteries are cleverly worked out and deftly written, painlessly enriching the reader's knowledge of the horse world that Crum herself knows so well. Gail is no "superwoman" sleuth, but a bright and curious person whose involvement in what sometimes turn out to be extremely serious crimes is always completely credible.

Ron Miller, The