An up-and-comer in the cutthroat world of Washington, DC, wedding planning, Annabelle Archer always keeps her cool when dealing with hot-tempered bridezillas. The same can’t be said for Carolyn McCrabe, DC’s grande dame of bridal blowouts, who takes the cake in the “Big Day Diva” category. So Annabelle’s shocked but not totally surprised when she finds the professional wedding world’s reigning Queen of Mean strangled to death with a bridal veil in a hotel ballroom.

Unfortunately, Annabelle was seen arguing with the deceased just moments before her demise--which makes the still-breathing wedding planner a prime suspect. But when a second industry pro is done in, Annabelle realizes she needs to unveil a killer and fast--with an able assist from her fabulous best friend and caterer extraordinaire Richard--before the life she loves and cherishes is abruptly cut short.
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Annabelle Archer, DC wedding planner extraordinaire, and Richard, a caterer and friend, are checking out the last minute details in the ballroom before their bride is set to go down the aisle when they find Carolyn Crabbe, a hot-tempered wedding planner, strangled to death with a bridal veil in a hotel ballroom. Carolyn was well-known but not well-liked. She was the Queen of Mean.

Annabelle was seen arguing with Carolyn not long before she was killed, so she become a prime suspect. Then when another wedding planner is killed, Annabelle fears she may be next. She decides she had better find the killer and fast. But can she do that before anyone else is killed, namely herself?

Annabelle is so much fun! I wish she'd been my wedding planner. Except that murder seems to follow her around!

Kate, Annabelle's assistant, and Richard are wonderful characters in this series as well. They all complement each other, too. Having a wedding planner for a protagonist really provides a lot of wonderful storylines. The author has done such a fabulous job at creating and plotting this series.

I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle