jury rigged
Laurie Moore blew away critics and fans alike with her Cezanne Martin mystery series. Now, the irrepressible Texas detective is back in JURY RIGGED, the follow-up to her acclaimed police procedurals THE LADY GODIVA MURDER and THE WILD ORCHID SOCIETY, and The Dallas Morning News wonders why Laurie Moore's mysteries haven't hit the big screen.

A month after solving two high-profile murders, Cezanne takes a leave of absence from the Fort Worth Police Department to get her law office up and running. But bad things happen in threes. After Cezanne gets an engagement ring, her fiancÚ disappears. The same night she learns her wayward father died, she barely escapes a grisly death at the hands of escaped murderess Darlene Driskoll. Having left no will, Cezanne's father's estate is up for grabs and long-lost relatives are coming out of the woodwork to claim a share of the inheritance: the missing brother no one's seen or heard from in twenty years may be a fraud; a greedy widow nobody knew existed is scheming to eliminate heirs; and a squatter who insists she's Cezanne's Aunt Velda has moved into the deceased's stately home and refuses to leave. Then Deuteronomy Devilrow, a Voodoo-practicing adolescent, shows up as Cezanne's deadbeat client base falls apart.

In a struggle to keep her law practice afloat, Cezanne reluctantly takes an appeal case on Erick Rackley, a former FWPD officer convicted of murdering his wife, a prominent attorney whose friends and family hope Rackley rots in prison. When it appears the convicted killer will get a re-trial based on newly discovered evidence, Cezanne and others close to the case become death targets in this clever and captivating tale of charlatans, corruption, deception and murder.
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JURY RIGGED is terrific fun. Laurie Moore knows how to pull a reader into her book and mess around with him.

Dan Jenkins, author of Semi Tough

If Stephanie Plum had a Texas cousin...Cezanne Martin, a Fort Worth cop turned lawyer, would be it. Adding extra pizzazz to the hilarious third installment (after 2004's THE WILD ORCHID SOCIETY) is Deuteronomy "Duty" Devilrow, Cezanne's African-American teenage ward, whose "words-from-the-hood" often threaten to steal the show. The action opens with a bang as Cezanne wakes up late one night to find a gun in her face--held by Darlene Driskoll, a soon-to-be-convicted crazed murderess and prison escapee. After eluding Driskoll in the course of a harrowing car ride, Cezanne seeks help from the FWPD's star detective, Wolfgang "Slash" Vaughn. News that Bob Martin, her long-lost dad, has died disrupts her life further when she discovers elderly Aunt Velda squatting in her inheritance, a Fort Worth house. Then Cezanne's brother, Henri Matisse Martin, suddenly appears wanting his share of their dad's estate. Moore makes sure it's all a hoot and a half.

Publisher's Weekly starred review

Author Laurie Moore always takes us on a wild ride with the most eccentric characters known to man. The vivid parlance of JURY RIGGED sets the tone and mood of every scene...and those scenes are FUN! This reader can smell and taste Texas on every page. What a delicious treat! What a nifty movie this would make!"

Ruta Lee, Hollywood