First book in the Yellow Rose Mystery Series featuring Abby Rose, a thirty-something sleuth with a heart the size of Texas.
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Abby Rose is trying to decide what to do with her life.  Since she has a large bank account, she doesn’t have to rush to decide.  Her twin Kate is soon moving out to be with her boyfriend, and Abby doesn’t know what she will do with the large house their father left them – it’s too big for just her. 

After she discovers her gardener, Ben, dead in the greenhouse, she realizes how little she knew about him.  She begins to look into his life so that she can express her condolences.  That just opens up more questions, like who killed Ben’s wife years before?  And why was he working for Abby’s father? 

Abby contracts with her ex-husband, who swears he is clean and getting his life together, to help her renovate the house in Galveston.  It hasn’t been lived in for years.  She finds herself having to interact with him more than she likes. 

The sexy detective from the Houston P.D. who is investigating Ben’s death, adds some spice to Abby’s dull life.  Especially when he tells her that Ben was poisoned.  Now Abby is determined to unravel the mystery surrounding Ben and who killed him.   She finds more questions to have to find answers to. 

In her investigation, she finds herself in many sticky situations.  Can she discover the truth before someone puts an end to her? 

This is the first Yellow Rose Mystery.  LeAnn Sweeney has a real winner.  I had trouble putting this book down.  Abby and Kate are terrific.  The Texas setting is fabulous.  I’ve always wanted to go to Galveston, and I feel like I’ve at least had a short visit there.  I just started reading A Wedding to Die For, the second in this series.  It looks to be just as great as the first.   

I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle