Even though sassy Texas heiress Abby Rose was born with a silver iced-tea spoon in her mouth, she's seen plenty of hard-luck stories in her work as adoption PI. But consulting on a lifestyle makeover show will introduce her to an alternative--and deadly--reality...
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Reality Check is a TV program that claims to turn American dreams into the real thing. Abby Rose is not excited about working with the producer and crew for this show, but she does want to help Emma Lopez. She’s been raising her three younger siblings since their mother disappeared. The show received a letter about this family and decided they should be the next makeover candidate. Their house has been set for demolition. Since the amount the city would give them to rebuild would not be enough Emma agrees to go on the show since they have promised them a beautiful new house.

While Abby believes Emma deserves the new house and a break, she’s skeptical on Reality Check’s motives. The show, unbeknownst to Emma, has been told about a long lost sibling of hers, something they didn’t disclose. The show plans to capitalize on the search which does not thrill Emma. Abby, and her psychologist sister, Kate, begin searching for her sibling.

When the house demolition begins, baby bones are found. A homicide investigation has begun. Could these be the bones of Emma’s missing sibling? Can Abby figure it out without putting herself in the middle of a dangerous situation?

Abby is such a fun character. The idea of an adoption PI as a protagonist is wonderful. So different from any of the other cozy series out there. Her sister Kate, the psychologist, always helps with the investigations and really balances Abby. They work so well together even though they are different, they are twins.

I like the story line of this book. There are so many reality tv shows out there now. It really is timely. Although I don’t watch many of them, I do like ones like this where they are helping a deserving family. Of course, the show in this book has ulterior motives.

I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle

Abby Rose wants to grab hold of the American dream and help other people attain it.  She is not sitting around doing nothing, that's for sure.  Even though, Abby and her twin sister, Kate, have inherited a lot of money, they both have day jobs.  Abby is a private investigator specializing in adoption.  That is how she becomes absorbed in a very special case that involves a reality show.  Watch the sparks fly as she needs to work with the director who carries these sometimes sensational ideas into the show.  Emma Lopez is the subject for this new reality show; Emma raised her younger siblings and now has learned that there may be some shocking information both about her mother and a baby.  She asks Abby to help solve these mysteries.  When a surprise letter emerges, the mystery heightens. There should be a lot of people to aid in this investigation but sometimes these very people end up dead.

In the meantime, Abby's twin sister, Kate, moves in with her after a big fight with her boyfriend.  I like watching Kate and Abby.  They have such an unbelievable sibling bond but have some differences of opinion when Kate decides to date on the rebound.   Abby's boyfriend, Jeff, is in Seattle on a secretive mission.

Reading this story makes me want to go back and read the three previous books in this series.  They are 1) Dead Giveaway, 2) A Wedding to Die For, and 3) Pick Your Poison.  The characters are realistic, it has a good storyline and there is just enough action.  I like the magic between Abby and Jeff.  Since Jeff is a policeman, the reader is able to visit the emotions and everyday life of some of Jeff's work friends.  As you follow the story of Emma Lopez and her family, you can see that even though the truth is not always what we want it to be, truth will set these people free.  As far as extraordinary characters, do watch for Abby's Aunt Caroline.  She is a force unlike anyone else in this book.  Enjoy this book!

Rita Ratacheck