Book 2 in the Yellow Rose Mystery Series. With big dreams, a big heart and a really big bank account, spunky Texas heiress Abby Rose thinks she's finally found her true calling as an adoption PI in Houston.
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Abby Rose is a new adoption PI in Houston.  Meagan Beadford hires her to find her birth mother, hoping she will attend her wedding.  Unfortunately Abby hits one brick wall after another in the search.  Especially since Meagan won’t discuss it with her adoptive parents.  She doesn’t think they will understand. 

Meagan’s adoptive father is murdered at Meagan’s reception.  At Meagan’s request, Abby continues to search for her birth mother.  She soon discovers not everything is as it seems.  This search ends up taking her out of Texas for a few days. 

When Meagan’s uncle is murdered, Meagan asks Abby to help find who killed the two men.  Meagan is unsure that she can help, but she agrees to cry.  Meagan looks so pale that Abby can’t turn her down.

There are so many possible suspects.  The chief of police, Quinn Fielder, is no help at all.  Matter of fact, she suspects Abby.  Abby’s boyfriend, Jeff is a Sergeant in the Houston Police Department.  Since this happened in Seacliff, he has no jurisdiction and can’t help her. 

Meagan’s cousins have some issues, and Abby, along with her twin sister Kate, try to help.  It’s not always easy.  Abby wonders if they had anything to do with the murders. 

Abby finds herself in some sticky situations along the way, but she is determined to discover the truth about Meagan’s adoption and the murder of her father and uncle. 

I really like this new series.  This is the second in the series.  It is great.  I can’t wait for the next one!  Abby is such a great character.  She is full of spunk and has wonderful people around her to assist her and support her.  Of course, there are those like Aunt Caroline, who you can’t always tell if they really have her best interests at heart. 

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle