Booklist called this mystery, set in the author's own home in Maine, "a fast and engaging read." Maggie Summer visits Amy, an old college friend, in the 18th century house she and her husband are restoring on the coast of Maine....and finds hostile neighbors, possible ghosts, tension between Amy and her husband--and then the discovery of the body of a missing teenage girl on their property--all complicate what Maggie'd thought would be a relaxing holiday. In addition to doing some antiquing, Maggie also blows the dust off secrets hidden inside a grand Maine home for generations, and uncovers some differences between her plans, and those of the man in her life.  
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Maggie Summer gets an invitation from her former college roommate, Amy Douglas.  Amy and Drew have just moved into an eighteenth-century house which they are restoring in tiny Madoc, Maine.  They invite Maggie to come up for a few days and ask her to bring some of her antique prints.  There is an urgency in Amy’s invitation that Maggie cannot ignore. 

When she arrives, she finds things are not all they seem.  Many unexplained things have begun happening.  There are phone calls with no one on the other end and sounds of a crying baby disturbing their sleep.  Then when the Douglas’ neighbor and teenaged helper turns up dead on their land and Drew has a car accident that is suspicious, Maggie decides she needs to do some investigating.  She gets her antiques-hunting friend, Will Brewer, to help her.  He knows everyone in town and is related to most of them.  Many folks in town have not been very friendly with Amy and Drew since they are outsiders.  Maggie knows without someone on the inside, she’ll never get any information. 

As she digs deeper and deeper, Maggie uncovers secrets that have been hidden for years.  Can she figure out who is behind everything without anyone else getting hurt? 

I love books set in New England, so this is right up my alley.  I love Maggie.  She is such a great character, and her antiques print business was something that was new to me.  I enjoyed learning more about it. 

The descriptions of the area were superb.  Made me feel like I was there with Maggie.  The plot was well constructed with plenty of red herrings, and the peripheral characters aided the story wonderfully. 

I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read more!

Dawn Dowdle