How can a man write realistic male-female relationships? The answer's easy:  Borrow some of the sense God gave a dog, and like Jack Field, you'll sniff out and uncover what's really important in life, even without a rolled-up newspaper. Five stars!

Kristin J. Johnson,
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Jack Fields is a former NYPD Detective.  Now he and his god son Leon run a dog kennel in Maine.  His girlfriend, Dr. Jamie Cutter, is the part-time medical examiner.  When she gets called out to examine the body of the judge who had been missing, Jack must drive her because her car gets blocked in by debris from a storm. 

He had planned to drop her off and leave, but when he heard there was a dog involved, he became involved.  Much to the chagrin of Sheriff Flynn.  They had run ins on a previous murder investigation.  Of course, it probably didn't help that Jack had solved that one instead of the sheriff. 

A boxer, Roark, was found inside the car with the judge.  As yet no one has been able to get to the body because Roark was attacking them.  Jack, using his alternative dog training methods, coaxed Roark out of the car with a tennis ball. 

The police believe that Roark killed the judge.  Jack gets permission to house Roark at his kennel overnight.  He does not believe Roark killed the judge.  The next day Jack takes Roark to a local vets to hide him.  He gives the dog a phony name.  The vets office recognizes Roark, but as soon as they find out that Grant Goodrich was trying to get Roark to put him to sleep for killing the judge, they agreed the dog wasn't Roark. 

Farrell Woods' ten beagles come to stay at the kennel.  Eventually Farrell Woods came by and Jack was able to get some much needed information about some things going on in town recently. 

Jamie and Jack keep digging and the identity of the real killer and the truth about what happened begin to come clearer. 

I truly enjoy this series.  Jamie and Jack are great characters and their interaction is so well written.  I love all books set in New England so the setting in Maine just adds to the story for me. 

The plot is always well constructed and there are plenty of twists and turns. 

I highly recommend this book and series.  It is a great cozy mystery.

Dawn Dowdle