This is the most perfect book.  Beautifully written, fast-paced and engrossing.  What could be better?

Delia Ephron
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Not only is this a great mystery, you get lots of great dog training tips as well.  I found ex-cop Jack Field to be a very likeable guy.  You can see with his relationship with the dogs as well as humans, that he is very caring, but he is also strong. 

Jack, his dog, Frankie, and his foster son, Duke, left New York City and started a canine kennel in Maine.  Duke's family had been gunned down and rather than let the gang kill Duke, Jack brought him--with his grandmother's consent.  The New York District Attorney was a different story. 

Jamie Cutter is Jack's girlfriend.  She's also a part-time medical examiner.  She brings Jack along when Allison DeMarco is found dead in her home because Allison's dog, Ginger, had been barking and everyone was afraid to go near her.  Jack knows Ginger because he helped train her.  

Jack has a run in with Sam Kirby, Rockland County Sheriff Deputy.  Then he meets Sheriff Horace Flynn, uncle to Jamie's soon-to-be ex-husband Oren.  Sheriff Flynn doesn't like Jack, especially after he determines the relationship between Jack and Jamie. 

Jack ends up bringing Ginger back to his kennel.  

The local police have decided Tim Berry killed Allison.  Tim and Allison's daughter, Tara, take off in a flurry of bullets.  

After Jack gets shot, Mrs. Murtaugh, who helps run the kennel, has her granddaughter Audrey Stafford work at the kennels to help out.  Audrey falls in love with Ginger and vice versa. 

Jack is positive Tim didn't kill Allison  and begins investigating.  Jamie assists him. 

Jack can't figure out why Sheriff Flynn is still involved in the case since Carl Staub of the Camden police is in charge of the investigation.  And then there's Sam Kirby.  Jack spies Kirby tailing him, among other things. 

I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read the next book!

Dawn Dowdle