It's Christmas in Maine, there's a magic in the air--and a body in the mansion!

Ex-cop turned dog trainer, Jack Field, and his smart and sexy ladylove, state medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter, are back for the fourth book in this funny, suspenseful, and engrossing series.  This time there's Kelley's usual winding plot, a dash of suspense and danger, a grab-bag of laugh-out-loud comedy, and Christmas theme with a surprise ending that's sure to make even the most hardened detective (like Jack is) believe in the spirit of Santa Claus!
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Ex-cop Jack Field and his fiancée Dr Jamie Cutter, state medical examiner, are enjoying a quiet evening in front of the fireplace when they get a call about a murder. Amy Frost, The Bright’s housemaid, has been murdered with blunt force trauma. The Brights believe her ex-boyfriend Thomas Huckabee killed her.

Jack begins investigating. After Karl, the Bright’s chauffeur, tells him about the professor and some strange happenings on the third floor of the Bright’s mansion, Karl disappears. Thomas Huckabee has gone into hiding. Jack is desperate to find him, not to pin this murder on, but to get him to give a kidney to his son who is dying.   He is most probably the best match.

To help find the professor’s role in all this, Jack sets up a good con to get him out of hiding. He finds Karl in New York trying to square things with the Russian mafia. Can Jack put the pieces of the puzzle together in time to solve the murder and help Thomas’ son?

I really enjoy the mysteries in this series. Jack and Jamie are a great couple and Jack’s dog training tips are very educational. Jack is a wonderful character. He has his flaws, but he’s a great guy inside and his work with the dogs and sick kids really lets this shine. Jamie puts up with a lot from Jack. She is a wonderful lady and Jack knows that.

You don’t have to read this series in order, but it does help as Jack and Jamie’s relationship grows and builds in each book.  I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle