double dog dare
As a lawyer and pet-sitter in L.A., Kendra Ballantyne, Esq., has met more than her share of difficult pets... and people.  But when some arrogant cloners cross her path, she meets a whole new breed--one whose perilous business is playing God...
It’s been a rough month for Kendra.  Her boyfriend and sidekick, Jeff Hubbard, P.I., has gone missing -- right after they decided to move in together.  It sounds like a case of cold feet until they find his car submerged in a canal.  Kendra's panicked inquiries lead her to Jeff's Aunt Lois, an ex-pole dancer and full-time eccentric who had taken her dog Flisa, a sweet-natured Akita mix, to a company that promised to clone the pup.  But poor Flisa never made it out alive... And then one of the cloners is murdered.
As Kendra picks up the scent of Jeff’s investigation, she wonders:  Was Jeff kidnapped? If not, why hasn’t he contacted her?  Is he protecting his revenge-driven aunt?  Or worse...could he be the killer?  Kendra is hounded by questions, and for the first time, she's not sure she wants the answers...
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Jeff Hubbard, Kendra Ballantine's boyfriend, is missing. Jeff had gone out of town like normal related to his work with his security and private investigation business. But when he ends up incommunicado and his Escalade is found in the aqueduct, there is concern he isn't coming back.

Kendra is a lawyer and pet sitter. She's also done some investigating in the past and helped solve some murders. Lois Terrone, a surrogate mother to Jeff Kendra had never heard of, enlists her aid. She had gone to The Clone Arranger to try to have her dog cloned. She feels they did something that caused her dog to die. Kendra visits The Clone Arranger to see what she can find out under the guise of wanting to have a dog cloned. Lois also tells Kendra that Jeff had come back to town to look into The Clone Arranger for her before his Escalade was found. Could he have found something that caused him harm? Is he alive?

Plus Kendra has her law practice and pet sitting to keep up with. These keep her plenty busy. She ends up working with a couple that run a business that trains animals for the movies. Some of their unhappy customers are suing them because their pets never got any parts. They never promised results. Can Kendra come up with an agreeable outcome to everyone?

This was a great installment in this series. I devoured it in two days. I thought the author did a great job of presenting the cloning aspect without too much controversy. I like how she intertwined the stories so seamlessly. She also did a great job of having Kendra having to go on with her life and yet showing her devastation at not knowing Jeff's fate. I really like Kendra, Jeff, their two dogs, and the other regulars in this series. Having Kendra working as a lawyer and a pet sitter gives so many great storylines in this series.

I hope this series will go on for years. I can't wait to read the next book! Please write fast!

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle