Kendra Ballantyne, Esq., is flying high.  Her license to practice law has been rightfully restored.  She's dating the foxiest P.I. in all of L.A.  And best of all, since she moonlights as a pet-sitter, she gets to see her furry best friends every day.  And these cuddly clients beat out her cranky two-legged ones, paws-down... 


To earn a much-needed feather in her cap, Kendra must work closely on a new case with law partner Ezra Cossner.  But things stop short when he's found murdered in his office.  The only witness is of the avian persuasion--and Gigi, Ezra's blue and gold macaw, can only say her own name and sing "99 Bottles of Beer."  The list of suspects grows and grows, and whodunit nobody knows--unless Kendra can get Gigi to change her tune...
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Kendra Ballantyne is back practicing law, and she’s still a pet-sitter on the side. She’s asked to help on a new real estate case with her law partner, Ezra Cossner. Kendra is none too pleased. First, her specialty has become pet law, and second, Ezra is cranky. Before the case can get off the ground, Ezra is found murdered in his office. The only witness is Gigi, his blue macaw, and she’s not talking. All she can say is her own name and sing “99 Bottles of Beer.”

When Detective Ned Noralles shows up to investigate, Kendra knows things won’t be easy. But then her hunky PI boyfriend, Jeff Hubbard, becomes the number one suspect, she begins to investigate the myriad of suspects.

Plus Jeff seems to be getting pretty friendly with his ex. Kendra finds her eyes wandering and they soon land on her neighbor.

I love this series. Kendra is such a fun person. I like it when she’s working with the various pets. I’m hoping she’ll spend more time in the upcoming books in this capacity. But I do see why having her get back into law helps provide more storylines. Plus who’d want to hire a pet sitter whose clients kept dying?

This is a series where you’ll laugh out loud! Don’t read it when you have to be quiet! I highly recommend it.

Dawn Dowdle