Kendra Ballantyne, Esq., has her life back on track. Her license to practice law has been rightfully restored. She’s dating Jeff Hubbard, the foxiest P.I. in all of L.A. Best of all, she’s still moonlighting as a pet-sitter. And those cuddly clients beat out her cranky two-legged ones, paws-down…Meow is for Murder

When Jeff Hubbard’s vixen of an ex-wife, Amanda, asks for help avoiding her stalker, it’s all Kendra can do not to hiss and scratch. But when that stalker turns up dead in Amanda’s home, she makes Kendra an offer she can’t refuse: solve the case, and Amanda will take her claws out of Jeff for good. It won’t be easy: there’s a litter of suspects, two slinky Bengal cats are the only witnesses to the crime, and Jeff and Amanda seem cozier than ever. Worst of all, someone’s threatening to harm Lexie, Kendra’s beloved King Charles spaniel. But the killer seems to have forgotten one very important fact...when it comes to crime-solving, Kendra Ballantyne is the cat’s meow.

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Amanda, Jeff Hubbard's ex-wife, asks Kendra Ballantyne for help avoiding her stalker. She wants Kendra to take care of her two Bengal cats for a few days. Kendra agrees begrudgingly. The stalker shows up and demands to know where Amanda went. Kendra refuses to tell him and realizes just what a menace he is. When Amanda returns home and finds the stalker dead in her house, she asks Kendra to help her prove her innocence. Kendra agrees only if Amanda will promise to get out of Jeff's life.

Kendra soon finds out that Leon was a serial stalker and there are quite a few people who are happy he's dead. Problem is she can't find any one person who she thinks actually killed him.

Plus Kendra begins to wonder if Jeff really wants Amanda out of his life. He says he does, but his actions tell another story.

Can Kendra find the real killer without putting herself in danger? Does she still want Jeff?

I love this series. Kendra is such a fun protagonist. She gets herself in some interesting situations. I love the peripheral characters and all the great animals she takes care of. The author has done a great job of creating such a likeable character that is three-dimensional.

There is plenty of humor along with a well-plotted cozy mystery. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle