never say sty
L.A. attorney and pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne, Esq., has recently taken on a third job masterminding a new reality show. But things get messy when her hot new producer is accused of murder…
Never Say Sty
Wealthy dreamboat and pet supply magnate Dante DeFrancisco thinks Kendra’s the cat’s pajamas. So one of his conditions—before he signs on as producer of her new reality show, “Animal Auditions”—is that she dine with him. The meal is delicious, the kiss is steamy—so why does Kendra have a hunch Dante’s up to something?
Meanwhile on “Animal Auditions”: pot-bellied pigs are to be judged by a panel. But things screech to a halt when a nasty judge is found strangled to death by a pig harness. The suspects include Kendra’s cop friend Ned, his sister…and Dante. For their sake—and that of the show—Kendra must work like a dog to clear their names. If only Dante didn’t make such a sexy suspect…
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As if Kendra's life wasn't full enough, now she's helping start a reality TV show about pets.  She meets Dante DeFrancisco, the man financing the show, and there is an instantaneous attraction.  When one of the judges is killed, the show's future is in jeopardy.  I, personally, was sad that she was not with Jeff in this book, but I soon grew to like Dante.  I like Kendra a lot in this series.  She is smart and practical but yet can be spontaneous when the need arises.  I have enjoyed every book in this series and look forward to more.  I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle