Once, Kendra Ballantyne was a litigator with a high-powered L.A. law firm--until scandal forced her resignation.  At wit’s end, desperate and broke, she’s now rented her Hollywood home to strangers, moved into the maid’s quarters, and jumped at a new job offer--as a freelance pet-sitter.  Her life has gone to the dogs--who’d have guessed it would be so dangerous?

Nothing to Fear but Ferrets: Kendra knows that the furry ferrets her tenants keep are illegal, but she didn’t realize they could be downright criminal.  Nevertheless, when she finds a corpse in her renters’ den, all clues point to the playful pets.  The victim just happens to be dreamy Chad Chatsworth, the latest reality show sensation who has a lot of enemies both on--and off--camera.  Kendra’s pretty sure that all of his rivals were of the two-legged kind.  Something smells funny about the supposed cause of death--and it isn’t the ferrets…
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Kendra Ballantyne is continuing her pet sitting business while studying to take the ethics exam in hopes of reinstating her law degree.

A neighbor’s Hummer crashes into her house. She discovers her tenants living in her former home are keeping illegal ferrets.

Soon after she discovers a corpse in her tenants’ den. The ferrets are the prime suspects. The corpse turned out to be Chad Chatsworth and Charlotte LaVerne, her tenant, and her boytoy Yul become suspects. Charlotte asks Kendra to help prove they didn’t do it. Kendra had recently helped prove her own innocence. With the help of her boyfriend Jeff Hubbard, a P.I. and security specialist, Kendra sets out to look into Chad’s background. She finds he had many enemies. Can she discover who killed him and why he was killed in her home and the ferrets were implicated without putting herself or others in danger?

I really enjoy this series. Kendra is such a fun character. Her pet sitting adds so much to the enjoyment of this series. Plus her relationship with Jeff and police detective Ned Noralles make for a fun read.

This cozy is a fun, easy read. I always find myself coming to the end of the book before I realize it since I just want to keep reading!

I highly recommend this book and the whole series. Can’t wait to read Fine-Feathered Death, the next in the series.

Dawn Dowdle