Daytime TV drama headwriter Morgan Tyler has been promoted to headwriter and co-executive producer. She's hardly had time to put pens in her desk when the show's most popular actress tells Morgan that she's afraid the husband she ran away from is going to kill her. On the same day, Morgan hears that the new head of daytime wants to fire another of the show's leading actresses because the actress committed to sin of gaining weight. Morgan has to save a life and a job.
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Morgan Tyler writes and produces for Love of My Life, a daytime drama. Cybelle Carter, a star on the show, comes to Morgan and expresses concern because she’s going to be on the cover of Time. She is married to Philippe Abacasas. He has threatened to kill her if he finds her.

Morgan gets a call that a body has been found in Cybelle’s apartment. She immediately thinks it is Cybelle. It turns out to be her stunt double. Morgan is concerned that Cybelle was the intended victim.

Morgan meets Abacasas. He tells a completely different story in which Cybelle and her brother stole some coins from him. Abacasas is an attractively handsome man. Who should Morgan believe? She wants to get to the truth.

Morgan’s sometimes boyfriend, a police detective, is not happy with her looking into another murder. She still has to create and produce episodes in the daytime drama as well as find time to do her sleuthing. Can she figure out who’s telling the truth and who killed the stunt double without becoming a victim herself?

I love this series. Ms. Palmer has a real hit on her hands! Morgan is such a fun character. She is very down to earth, but yet she is willing to step out when needed.

The relationship tension and the work demands all add to this series. Everything is well scripted and blended. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle