An amateur sleuth mystery featuring Morgan Tyler, a young widow who's headwriter of the daytime TV drama, "Love of My Life." When a hated network vice president is murdered, and Morgan is named in his will, she must find the real killer before she's arrested. But the news isn't all bad: being suspected of murder has brought two interesting new men into her life.
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Morgan Tyler, a young widow, writes for a hit daytime soap opera. After only a few years she has become the head writer. The producer, who wasn’t a kind man, ends up murdered. Since he’d been after Morgan many times, and she had repeatedly turned him down, she comes under suspicion of his murder. When she finds out he left her a fortune, Morgan decides she’d best figure out who did kill him to clear her name. Her life is beginning to look like one of the scripts she has written. Oh, and she still has scripts to write and problems to solve with the soap opera, too.

To complicate matters worse, one of the detectives appears to like her, but with her being a suspect, it puts a crimp in things. Morgan does develop a great relationship with his aunt.

Someone else is looking into the murder, and he becomes interested in Morgan as well. Much to the detective’s chagrin. But, can she trust him? Is she even ready to date?

Can she figure out who the real killer is without having harm come to herself?

This is a fabulous book. I can’t wait to read the next in the series. It is a funny, quick read, what is called a chick lit mystery. It is definitely a cozy as well.

Ms. Palmer has done a wonderful job with the plot. There are quite a few twists and turns so that it is difficult to figure out who did it and why before it is revealed.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Morgan Tyler, a soap opera writer, won an Emmy for her extraordinary work. Previously, she had been married to Ian, her soulmate. It was a romantic story but he was killed in an African jeep accident. The two of them loved the outdoors in Africa and for the first time, Morgan had felt complete. After the tragedy, she returns to America and begins to write for a soap opera. When her mentor and boss becomes ill, she is promoted to the head writer.

The main protagonist allows us to peek into the inner workings of a soap opera, an inventive venue. Going behind the scenes, there are some famous names mentioned as well as script writes and rewrites. I did learn that the term soap opera is called daytime drama. Not being a television person, that was news to me.

Successful in her job, Morgan's show is rated in the top three. This is an accomplishment and also pressure for her. Causing some additional stress is an executive who is smart enough to harass her when there are no witnesses. Add to the already established storyline, lies and a last will that baffles Morgan. Who is the murderer? There are many characters who have reason and desire.

A very attractive police detective investigates. He may be one of the romantic contenders for Morgan. Something not expected by Morgan is real, non-television type murder. Soon her life resembles a real daytime drama and she is cast as a suspect. Many incidents put her into jeopardy. Either she needs to become involved in the solution or else she may be the next victim.

Morgan's best friend, Nancy, is an attorney by day. This aspect comes in handy since Morgan finds herself in trouble often; she is in the vicinity of murder more than once. Nancy's charm continues for me when she and Morgan have their girl chats with milk and oreos. One other likeable character is Penny. At first glance, she looks eccentric. As the reader becomes more familiar with her, you see immense talent and kindness. She becomes a good inspirational catalyst for Morgan and helps her move along with her life.
This is an enjoyable story with the earmarks of a beginning series. I am happy about that prospect.

Rita Ratacheck