Gospel singer, Alexandra Walters, faces a new threat to her happiness-her grandmother Edna Harms, a manipulative woman not even her family likes.  When Edna summons the family home to the Central California town of Donlyn for their grandfather’s memorial service, it’s just the beginning of trouble.  Accidents are happening all around Edna and Alex fears someone in the family may be responsible.  When the accidents turn to murder, Alex becomes determined to find the culprit.  Her investigation puts her in the middle of Donlyn’s annual Blossom Festival, and big bike ride.  To complicate her life further, Alex finds herself trying to choose between the two men in her life-one a cop, the other a PI with a mobster for a father.  The beautiful blossoms, a small farming town, family squabbles and a touch of the gospel music world Alex grew up in-provides the backdrop for this baffling family mystery.
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Grandma Harms has summoned the family for Grandpa Harms’ memorial service.  He died while they were on safari in Africa, and she was unable to bring his body back. 

Alexandra Walters is a gospel singer.  She is happy to be home with her daughter Jess.  But, someone sends her a photo which unsettles her.  It appears someone is watching her.  

At her grandpa’s memorial service, Mrs. Kliewer takes ill and a chandelier almost falls on Alex’s Grandma.  Unfortunately Mrs. K doesn’t make it.  

Grandma Harms requires that the family also come to the Blossom Trail Bike Ride she’ll be riding in.  Sabotage begins against her and disrupts the bike ride.  Alex ends up riding too to try to keep an eye on things.  She hasn’t been on a bike for years so she has her hands full just keeping up. 

Stephen, Alex’s boyfriend, is a PI.  He is looking into the accidents.  Plus he has a secret case he won’t tell Alex about.  She is upset by this.  

Detective Will Knight is trying to keep everyone safe during the bike ride.  Plus he has an interest in Alex.

Alex is very confused about her feelings for Stephen and for Will. 

Plus she can’t figure out who is sabotaging her grandma in the ride.  Was someone trying to kill her grandma and got Mrs. K by accident?  Could it be someone in her family?  Her grandma is referred to as the storm in the family and not many people like her, inside or outside the family.  She was especially difficult in business. 

I really enjoy this series.  It is always fun to pick up one of these books.  Alex is such a fun character.  Her relationships with Stephen and Will make for a terrific story.  This book gives us a real insight into Alex’s family and helps us get to know her better. 

There are plenty of suspects with twists and turns.  I highly recommend it!

Dawn Dowdle