At age fourteen, Christie O'Kelly believed that nothing was more important that exposing the truth.  Now, a grown woman and a newspaper reporter, Christie begins to suspects that one of the people she loves the most may be guilty of murder.  Christie begins searching for evidence to prove the crime, even though she knows that finding it may cost her everything she holds dear.
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With a touch of mystery and intriguing characters to spice it up, IF TRUTH BE TOLD is a truly memorable story about disappointment, misunderstanding, loss and, ultimately, true love.

Alice Duncan, Lost Among the Angels (2006)

IF TRUTH BE TOLD is an incredibly written fictional story.  The author incorporates romance, suspense and mystery into an excellent plot.  Because there are no slow moments in the story, I had a hard time putting it down.  Ms. Fitzgerald has a talent for wrapping you up in the story so that you start to feel like Christie's family and their issues are your own.  Everything that is happening seems so real... If Truth Be Told really touched my heart.  Not having Ms. Fitzgerald's talent for words, I cannot give this book the kind of review that it best deserves; I can only tell you that you should not miss out on the chance to read it.  This is a great choice for a women's reader group.

Paige Lovitt for ReaderViews

A fascinating read.  I could not put this one down.  This story touched me so deeply, I will be shouting its praises from the rooftops…you are now one of my favorite authors, Please Keep Up the GREAT work..

Terry South, Quality Book Reviews