alpine for you
Accompanying her grandmother on a seniors' tour of Switzerland, Emily Andrew had envisioned a vacation straight out of a travel brochure: spectacular scenery, great food, and a classy European hotel, all worlds away from her rural Iowa hometown. But her dream trip quickly snowballs into mayhem when smooth-talking tour escort Andy Simon is found dead. To be sure, Andy was as randy as a mountain goat on Viagra, hitting on every miss -- Swiss or otherwise -- within striking distance. His constant advances were driving Emily cuckoo -- but had someone orchestrated his untimely death?

For savvy, resourceful Emily, leading the tour in Andy's place is only natural. But she can't remain neutral when a fellow traveler takes a fatal plunge -- she's convinced a murderer lurks among them. With precision timing, sexy Etienne Miceli steps in to investigate, and Emily warms to the suave detective. Still, with the group roster suddenly sprouting more holes than the local cheese, Emily wonders: is there a safe haven anywhere in the shadow of the Alps?
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Move over Evanovich, there's a new author in town. This book is terrific!

Emily Andrew accompanies her grandmother on a seniors tour of Switzerland. She expected a travel brochure vacation, but the fog never lifted and the food was nondescript. Iowans are fanatical about being on time, so much so that they are usually half an hour or more early. This about drives Emily crazy. She has lived in New York long enough to no longer have the compulsion to be so early.

Andy Simon, the tour escort, was a Senior who was always sweet talking the ladies. Then he is found dead. Emily agrees to be the tour escort in Andy's place.

Sexy Detective Etienne Miceli begins investigating Andy's death. He and Emily hit it off immediately. With Emily's suitcase missing, she ends up wearing her grandmother's clothes. Plus Emily always seems to end up swimming to save something important dropped into water. She is running out of clothes and watches.

Then a woman from the Rhode Island contingent on this tour falls to her death. Emily is convinced a murderer is among them. Who could it be? These are senior citizens. Could one of them be killing of the others?

This book was one of the best I have read for a long time. It was hilarious. The things that Emily had to endure and the way she describes and sees things is truly funny.

I highly recommend this book. I can't say the scenery was beautiful due to the fog, but she describes it so well that you can see it as she does. The characters are an absolute hoot. The romance between Etienne and Emily is tastefully described.

You won't be disappointed by this book. I can't wait to read the next book due out in August 2003.

Dawn Dowdle