G'Day to die
When Emily Andrew lands in the Land of Oz -- Australia, that is -- she and her hearty group of world-touring seniors know they're not in Iowa anymore. Winter is summer, drains drain counterclockwise, and all the comforts of home are, well, back home. Even Emily's love life is upside down: her darling detective Etienne Miceli has yet to propose, while gorgeous tour director Duncan Lazarus is vying to be more than just mates. Emily is preoccupied calming the group's jitters about the outback's killers, from sunstroke to snake bites. But when a fellow traveler turns up dead, Emily fears something far more toxic has struck: human greed. Someone has stumbled upon a natural wonder that could turn science on its head -- was this priceless discovery the catalyst for murder? Before the dust settles, a second untimely death occurs. If Emily can't stop a killer in their tracks, this Aussie adventure just may be her last.
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Once again, Emily Andrew is escorting a group of senior citizens from Iowa, including her Nana, on a trip to Australia. When Nana takes a photo of what appears to be an extinct plant, life for the group goes topsy turvy once again. When Claire Bellows is found dead from the group, Emily is certain she found the plant and was murdered. Emily begins snooping around the myriad of suspects to find the killer. And there are many interesting characters on this trip, including Jake and Lola Silverthorn who seem to always be fighting, irritating Nora and her son Heath Acres, Conrad Carver who started everything with discovering the plant in Nana’s photo, Guy Madelyn who is another photographer on this trip, and many members of a scientific conference. Then there’s the whole Iowa tour group. They’re entertaining on their own!

Add to this Emily’s two suitors, detective Etienne Miceli and tour director Duncan Lazarus, and you have a hilarious cozy mystery! She is supposed to be deciding between them, which is no easy feat. Can she find the killer and figure out which one is the love of her life without putting herself in danger or alienating them both?

I love this series. I find myself laughing out loud every time I read one. Emily is such a fun character and the various Iowa senior citizens are a hoot. The hardest part for me is not laughing out loud when I’m reading in bed late at night and waking my husband!

You don’t have to read these in order, but the characters do group and evolve, so it helps to understand the love triangle in this one if you’ve read previous books. I highly recommend this book and the whole series! I hope there will be many more.

Dawn Dowdle