hula done it
For travel escort Emily Andrew and her fellow Iowans, aloha means "hello" to all the sun, surf, and scrumptious cuisine their Hawaiian cruise has to offer. But for Professor Dorian Smoker, a renowned expert on the legendary Captain Cook, aloha also means "good-bye"-- as in "man overboard."

Sure, it could have been an accident. But Emily wonders if some guest with a grudge might have knocked off the opinionated professor. Or maybe it had something do to with that missing journal Nana's friend lent him-- the one with the mysterious treasure map. Emily figures the map is probably a fake. But when another copy turns up, she and her friends take off, rafting down rivers and plunging through jungles to find the treasure themselves. Unfortunately, Professor Smoker's killer just might have the same idea. And this tropical heat wave could quickly turn into a crime wave.
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Emily Andrews is off on another adventure. This time they’re on a Hawaiian cruise. She is a travel escort for a senior citizens tour from Iowa which includes her Nana.

Professor Dorian Smoker, Captain Cook expert, goes overboard not long after a journal was lent to him by Nan’s friend. Was it an accident or was it murder? Emily begins to investigate. Then it is discovered the journal had a mysterious treasure map. The Iowa group decides to go treasure hunting on the river rafting trip the next day. Emily doubts there really is a treasure. Unfortunately, the next day, everyone on the river seems to have a map and is searching for the treasure. Who gave them copies? It is determined that there was one other copy that wasn’t “distributed.” If they can figure out who has it, then they can find the murderer.

There are lots of suspects in his death as he was having affairs with many of his students. Some of them were on board. Can Emily figure out who the real killer is before anyone else is hurt or murdered?

I always enjoy books in this series. I laugh out loud when reading them. Emily is such a fabulous character and Nana and her friends really add to the story. The locale for each book is different and it makes it even more enjoyable to read about such exciting places!

The tension between Emily and Etienne adds to the mystery as well. I can’t wait to find out what happens with the two of them!

I highly recommend this book and the whole series. It’s a great, fun, fast read!

Dawn Dowdle