top o' the mournin'
Emily Andrew is earning some much-needed green by navigating the twisting roads of Ireland with a group of seniors, including her beloved Nana. But once the hearty troupe from Iowa lands on Irish sod, trouble starts brewing: there's a death-defying incident with a horse-drawn carriage... and a gender-bending encounter with Emily's ex-husband Jack, now known as Jackie. No wonder Emily has come down with a smarting case of hives!

The plot thickens like Irish stew when the group settles into Ballybantry Castle, where a ghost is said to wander the halls. But it's no blarney when a very real corpse turns up in one of the guest rooms. While the murderous malarkey has Emily step-dancing as fast as she can, one sure thing emerges from the mists: not even St. Paddy himself could drive out the spiteful serpent that slithers among them!
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You will laugh out loud reading this book! It’s great!

Emily Andrew is once again escorting a bank-sponsored group of Iowa senior citizens on a trip. This time it’s a ten-day tour of the Emerald Isle. Her beloved Nana is on the trip as well.

First Nana and Emily end up on a death-defying ride in a horse-drawn carriage on their way to the hotel.

Once at the hotel, the Iowa group meets up with the group from New York and meets their tour guide, Ashley Overlock. Emily was not impressed with her beauty.

Then Emily’s ex-husband Jack arrives. Only he isn’t Jack anymore. Now he’s Jackie and “she” is on her honeymoon. Emily is flabbergasted!

Once in her room, Emily is interrupted from unpacking when Bernice bangs on her door. Turns out Bernice left her traveler’s checks at home! Emily lends her some money for meals and shopping until Bernice can contact her bank to wire her some money.

Next Emily’s boyfriend from Scotland, Inspector Etienne whom she met on the last trip, arrives unexpectedly to spend time with Emily. She is thrilled but there are so many interruptions that she has to attend to.

Next the group goes to Ballybantry Castle where they settle in for the rest of the trip. Immediately Nana and Tilly, her roommate, find a dead body in their room. They end up staying with Emily for a night. There goes her plans with Etienne once again!

Not only is there a dead body, the castle is haunted. Things start going missing, they hear noises at night, and then there’s another dead body.

Emily and Etienne are hoping to get to the bottom of things before anyone else dies!

This is such a fun book I read it in one day! I just couldn’t put it down! You will love this book. Emily is a fun character but the best characters are all the senior citizens on the tour. You will especially love the Iowans. They are always afraid of being late, so much so they arrive very early for everything!

The different location of each book in this series really adds to the story. I feel like I’ve been to Ireland now! Great descriptions.

I highly recommend this book. You won’t be disappointed!

Dawn Dowdle