Dotsy Lamb, history professor and recently divorced empty-nester, and her friend Lettie, are on a group tour of Italy when a singularly obnoxious woman, traveling with her two younger sisters, is murdered in her Florence hotel room. Dotsy enlists the aid of the scatty but observant Lettie, and hooks up with Marco Quattrocchi, the attractive carabinieri captain in charge of the investigation. The killer might be a member of their tour group, or a Gypsy camped nearby, or one of four people Dotsy has met since her arrival. There are motives galore. The murdered tourist has insulted practically everyone in the tour group, her two sisters are left with a nice inheritance, and she may have had a drug connection to the fiancÚ of the tour guide. Then, while visiting the Piazzale Michelangelo, a member of the tour group falls over a balustrade. It appears to be an accident, but Dotsy believes it's another murder, and she sets out to prove it.
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Dotsy Lamb, history professor and recent empty nester, and her best friend Lettie decide to go on a tour of Italy.

When they arrive, they find everyone is pleasant except for Meg Bauer, a very obnoxious woman. She is such a contract from her two younger sisters who are also on the tour. When Meg is found murdered, everyone is a suspect, especially her sister Beth.

The attractive carabinieri captain, Marco Quattrocchi, is in charge of the investigation. Dotsy hooks up with him to try to help solve the murder. She also enlists the aid of Lettie who is very observant.

Dotsy uncovers lots of motives since she insulted almost everyone in the tour group. The sisters and brother, who is back home, have inherited a nice sum of money.

When another tour member dies, it appears to be an accident. Dotsy believes it is another murder and sets out to prove it. Can she prove it before anyone else dies, namely herself?

I really enjoyed this book. Dotsy and Lettie are such great characters. I can't wait to see where they go in their next adventure. I hope there will be many books in this series. I loved the Italy setting as well as I've never been there, but I felt I had been there by the time I finished reading this book.

The author did a great job with the characters, setting and plot. I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle