murder at st. polycarp
When Polly Pinkerton, the seventh grade teacher, dies mysteriously, Julia Hopwood and Amanda Johnston set out to find her killer. Mrs. Johnston suspects Father Felix, the overwhelmed principal. Father Felix suspects Mr. Alabaster, who is teaching his students how to gamble. Mr. Alabaster suspects Miss Danvers, who has a secret history of shoplifting. And Miss Danvers suspects the creepy janitor, Mr. Ironweed, who is a stalker.
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Murder at St. Polycarp is Marianna Heusler's delicious tale of intrigue, murder and mayhem. Not since the St. Tranian films has there been a school over-flowing with so many zany characters.

Renee Gardner, author of The Tap Dancing Gorilla

St. Polycarp is a school positively bursting with fascinating teachers, staff members, noisy students and secrets... Marianna Heusler takes us into the inner workings of St. Polycarp with wit, affection and an unrelenting pace that keeps the suspense going until the final page. Don't miss this one!

Bonnie Ranthum, author of Ground Zero

When two Catholic school teachers, who love trouble, decide to investigate the mysterious death of a staff member, pandemonium ensues. In spite of a principal who wants to hush up the matter and a janitor who is blabbering, the teachers forge ahead! Thoroughly enjoyable for teachers and students alike!

G. Miki Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery