tea and witchery
In Cassadaga, Florida, the paranormal is normal and chats with the dead are an everyday occurrence. Unaware of the town's psychic connection, Lynn arrives to visit her aunt. But strangeness turns dangerous when the president of the Psychic Society is murdered after being cursed by a coven of witches.
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When Lynn Yates drives into Cassadaga for a recuperative visit with her Aunt Anthea for the summer, she encounters smoke and fire trucks. She soon discovers almost everyone in town is a psychic, a witch or a channeler—or aspires to be. When people begin to die, she's the primary suspect.
After someone from the Psychic Society is murdered, Lynn enlists the help of a couple of people she thinks she can trust to determine who the perpetrator is. As soon as the group believes they are close to solving the first death, a second one occurs. Soon battle lines are drawn among the factions. This is the first book in the Cassadaga mysteries, and hopefully many of the rich characters will return for book two. Everyone in town has a unique set of quirky, sometimes funny, personality traits—even normal people seem to be hiding something.
Uniting everyone to find the killer is a challenge, and the reader is compelled to join the hunt in this intriguing page-turner.

Donna M. Brown, Romantic Times (Four Stars)

Lynn has had a tough time of it in the past few years; first her husband was killed in a car accident and more recently she's lost her job. On an invitation from her aunt she goes to stay with her in Cassadaga. Cassadaga is a place where many weird and wonderful things are an everyday occurrence; it's a place run by a group of psychics and spiritual people, all of whom are greatly intrigued to meet Lynn. The peaceful tranquil place Lynn is looking for does not turn out to be quite as quiet as she expected however. When she arrives a fire catches her attention and then bodies start appearing one by one, but who is behind it all? Lynn and her new found friends join together to try and solve the murders and as they do so they discover a lot more about each other.
Tea and Witchery is novel full of interesting characters and conflicts, which will keep the readers amused and intrigued. Each character has been expertly fleshed out, and the more that is read the more details about their lives and histories become clear, allowing the reader to follow the mystery and solve it for themselves. This is a fairly fast paced novel, although it has been written in a clear way so that it isn't confusing.
Heidi, Fallen Angels Reviews (Five Angels and a Recommended Read)

In this thoroughly engaging mystery, Lynn has come to visit her elderly aunt in Cassadaga, Florida, hoping that as she reconnects with Anthea she can figure out what to do with her life. A young widow with a job lost to a dot-com gone bust, she needs a new direction. But Lynn has no idea that Cassadaga is renowned as a spiritualist community, nor is she prepared for the turmoil that greets her as soon as she arrives in the Victorian town: a fire in the community building and a squabble over "signs." The signs, she learns, are indications from the spirit world that a person has psychic powers - something a would-be resident must have in order to stay, join the Society, and hang out a shingle as an approved practicing psychic.
As the police investigate what turns out to be a suspicious fire, the situation quickly escalates. Alex, in town to write his book, finds the president of the Society dead. Someone has put Devil's Trumpet in his tea - tea prepared by Anthea and delivered by Lynn and Patrick. But there are plenty more suspects. Myra, one of the town psychics, pits herself against Colleen, a Wiccan, even as she schemes to have Patrick, another psychic, thrown out of the Society. Lisle, George, and Wallingford are all jockeying for signs so that they can stay in Cassadaga - and George knew Lynn in college. Alex has told no one what his book is about. And Joshua is trying to protect Patrick's position in the Society, because the two are an item.
Patrick matter-of-factly "sees" Alex and Lynn as a couple, and tells them so. Neither is ready for this tall blond Cupid to make a match of them, however, and the would-be romance stumbles along as Lisle announces that the angels have a message for Carl's killer. After a reading in which Lisle delivers messages to everyone, and does not reveal the identity of the murderer, psychics and Wiccans alike are left wondering what will happen next. They don't have long to wait. Lynn goes to the lake early the next morning to paint the tranquil scene, but finds instead that she has included a mysterious white form - a form that turns out to be Lisle's body, floating in the lake.
Readers with a taste for the supernatural will be delighted with this charming book as it hurtles itself along a road with plenty of bumps. The characters are chatty and eccentric, the plot twists and turns, and the fascinating setting of the town itself lends its own personality to the tale. Secrets and town politics make for plenty of intrigue, and Patrick's guileless insistence on a budding relationship between Lynn and Alex adds just enough romantic spice to the story. Murder, romance, ghosts, and atmosphere; what more could a reader want?

Marlene Satter, Future Mystery Anthology Magazine