dispel the mist
While investigating the murder of a popular county supervisor, Native American Deputy Tempe Crabtree is lured onto the Bear Creek Indian Reservation in the middle of the night. Her life is threatened and she has an encounter with the Hairy Man.
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This intriguing mystery has Deputy Tempe Crabtree wandering through a mist of half-truths and evasions as she investigates what may have been a murder.  Peppered through the mystery are allusions to Native legends.  As Tempe draws closer to the truth, she moves closer to her own cultural history and a greater understanding of the people from whom she is descended and whom she protects.

Tempe learns to trust her spirituality as a gift from her ancestors, and she is amazed to find the truth of one of the ancient legends.  The story ends in a frightening encounter with the villain, who remains unknown to the bitter end, in a violent thunder and lightning storm and Tempe's protection by the ancient legend. 

Marilyn Meredith did not disappoint in this enigmatic mystery; this reader enjoyed the glimpses of Native American culture.

Sherry Benic

Reviews of previous Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries.
Calling the Dead, Judgment Fire and now Kindred Spirits are books not to be missed. The mystery as well as the way Hutch and Tempe work out their differences makes for interesting reading.
PATRICIA REID, Best Sellers World

A great read that mystery and crime readers will certainly enjoy, Kindred Spirits proves why Marilyn Meredith's fans keep coming back for more!
Cheryl Malandrinos, The Book Connectioa

The twists and turns in this novel will keep you guessing most of the way, but even if you figure out who the killer is before Tempe and the other detectives do, the way Meredith meshes in Tempe's troubled marriage and her questions about her heritage will keep you interested. What worked best for me about this novel is the evolution of Hutch from the beginning to the end; he grows even more compassionate and grows to understand the importance of Tempe's drive to find the truth. He also learns to open his heart to issues and situations he normally would disapprove of, fear, and dismiss. Tempe is easy to love and her drive to discover the truth is addicting.

Savvy Verse and Wit