Kick Keswick, once a jewel thief living an exciting double life, has now retired in simple luxury to the south of France. But when an old enemy resurfaces—threatening to expose countless fake jewels she'd carefully substituted over years of secret theft—Kick is ready to act.

Back in London, Kick finds herself with more employment than she bargained on at a company whose status is much more precarious than she'd thought. Her enemy, in disguise, circles ever closer. And a young nun comes to Kick with a mysterious jewel-encrusted figurine and a story of greed and murder.

To balance on this high wire, Kick must sneak into a high-society wedding in the Italian Alps, break into an ancient castle owned by a very modern murderer, and do it all with her customary panache, style, and grace.  Can she keep one step ahead of the most seductively ruthless foe she’s ever encountered?
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Kick Keswick, retired jewel thief, is enjoying her life with her husband, former Inspector Thomas Curtis. Thomas still gets called in by Scotland Yard, leaving Kick alone. When Kick finds out the Ballantine and Company Auctioneers, where she used to work, is having serious problems, she decides to jump in and help. Especially when she figures out that her old enemy is behind some of it and that lots of the fake jewels she’d carefully substituted over years of secret theft are possibly going to be exposed.

When she arrives at Ballantine, she ends up with a more time consuming position than she preferred. And she finds out that things at Ballantine are much worse than she imagined. As her enemy gets closer, Kick finds she has to work hard to keep a step ahead. A young nun comes to Kick with a great jeweled figurine and a story of murder. Kick soon realizes she must sneak into a high-society wedding in the Italian Alps, break into a castle owned by a murderer, and do it with style and finesse so she doesn’t get caught. Can she locate the missing items and replace the needed jewels all without raising any suspicions or putting herself in danger?

I love this series. Kick is such a great character. She’s high society with an undercurrent of intrigue and secrecy. Even though she’s now retired, she always gets called out to help by using her skills as a jewel thief. I enjoy these books because I get to see a slice of life that I wouldn’t experience any other way. The locations and food are always exotic.

I can’t wait for the next installment. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle