Where there's smoke there's fire--and murder most cruel.  Newspaper owner and editor Emma Lord tracks down the killer of a young father-to-be who may or may not have been a spousal abuser.
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Emma Lord, editor of The Alpine Advocate, is awakened by the fire truck sirens. She goes out to investigate and finds that the nearby home of Tim and Tiffany Rafferty, newlyweds, is going up in smoke. Later that day she discovers that Tiffany and her unborn child are safe. Unfortunately Tim wasn't so lucky. He perished in the fire.

Sheriff Milo Dodge suspects it was murder and arson. Emma does some investigating of her own. It appears the Rafferty marriage wasn't that solid. There is also rumors of stock fraud.

Some of the town's residents mention sightings of Old Nick, a local recluse. Some fear he caused the fire. Emma isn't so sure, but she's never seen Old Nick and sets out to learn more about him.

Vida Runkel, The Alpine Advocate's House & Home editor, assists Emma in her investigation. Can Vida and Emma uncover the truth without putting themselves in danger?

I love this series. Emma and Vida are such fun characters. The other residents of Alpine, Washington, just add to the enjoyment of this series. Being from Washington State myself, I enjoy the landmarks that are mentioned.

The author always does such a great job of crafting a wonderful plot that leaves you guessing as to the culprit's identity. The Alpine Recluse will not disappoint. I highly recommend it!

Dawn Dowdle