loco motive
What's more relaxing than a cross-country train trip with first-class accommodations and service? Nothing--unless you're Judith McMonigle Flynn and Cousin Renie. The railroad term "deadhead" takes on a new meaning when this pair gets on board, but readers should definitely enjoy the ride.
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Wee Willie Weevil, daredevil and martial arts movie icon, is staying at Judith’s B&B.  He insisted on performing a dangerous jump from the B&B roof and got a ride in an ambulance.


Judith agrees to accompany her cousin Renie on a cross-country train trip since Renie hates flying.  Both of their husbands have to be in Boston, so the men fly and the women take the train.  They have first-class accommodations on the Empire Builder.  What kind of coincidence is it that the injured Wee Willie and his entourage are on the same train?


There’s a minor collision.  While waiting for a new engine in a small Montana town, the cousins’ sleeper attendant goes missing.  When Wee Willie dies and Judith is blamed, the cousins set out to uncover the truth and clear Judith.


This is a series I really like.  I’m from Washington State, so the fact it’s set in Seattle helps.  Mostly it’s the characters that I like.  Judith and Renie are fun characters who get into a lot of sticky situations.  Sometimes they could have been avoided, but most of the time they couldn’t.  The additional characters in this book were fun and kept me guessing right ‘til the end who did it.  I highly recommend this book and the series.


Dawn Dowdle