B&B owner Judith McMonigle Flynn finds it's not music to her ears when her new neighbor practices his violin at all hours in what used to be the quiet cul-de-sac of friendly families. When the violinist's long-time mentor keels over just a few yards from Hillside Manor, Judith is determined to figure out which of her weird and unwelcome guests may be the killer. Meanwhile, Cousin Renie has problems of her own, fending off creditors who believe she should actually pay for all the clothes and shoes she bought while in San Francisco the previous spring. Between dodging debt and death, the cousins cut a wide swath over Heraldsgate Hill's stately, if sometimes dangerous, neighborhood.
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Looney that is all you can say about Judith's neighbor. Rudi the violinist love to practice his music outdoors in the nude. Everyone wants to murder him. It's bad enough that he plays all day and that he has a clueless bunch of musicians, but when his mentor (Dolph Kluger) arrives at the bed and breakfast, will the whole family and a symphony of managers and strangers embark on Judith. It's not music to Judith's ears as everyone barks orders and has tantrums.  When accidents happen, it's going to take more than nerves of steel to get through this week.

When Dolph Kluger dies, chaos ensues and threats of lawsuits begin. A wife takes to her sick bed, and it's one sour note after another.

Cousin Renie has overspent her clothing limit and has to take a job she hates; Judith would throw these prima patrons of the art out on their ears, but she needs the money. That is until it starts to cost her more than money and starts to cost her to fear for her life.

Judith knows someone is a killer, and she must sleuth her way to sanity and cut through the chaos to find who did the deadly deed.

SAKS & VIOLINS is music to any sleuth's ear. It hits just the right note of mayhem and quirky characters. Judith and Renie are a duo of the finest murder muse.

Mary Daheim knows how to tangle the web and twist the plot. SAKS & VIOLIN will be music to your mystery muse.

Pamela James